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There’s nothing that she picks or does that I don’t like. And we see things all the time that give us ideas. We love the outdoors — something with a little rustic feel, lights in the trees.” As for televising the big day, Rodgers says it would “take a lot” for him to agree to that “There’s just something about that day that is so special,” he says. “I’m not saying no — like anything, it’d have to be right. But there’s just something about that day. I’ve always thought the more private it can be, the more special, the more natural, the better. I wouldn’t want my bride to be worried about anything other than us that day. I’ll tell you what, though — the wedding dancing would be great. Because I’ve got some friends that can break it down, so it would make great TV, for sure.” And while the couple have yet to walk down the aisle, Rodgers says Fletcher is already experiencing some baby fever. “Both of JoJo’s brothers are expecting,” he reveals.

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Texas divorcee sets wedding dress on fire during garage sale selling ex-husband's belongings

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